Animal mandala effigy “Lion”

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Interesting animal mandala effigy “Lion” for home wall decoration great for new home gifts. Sometimes even the smallest things brings home biggest warmth.

Made from 3mm plywood with love from us.

Some more information from wikipedia about practical use and meaning:

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool. It helps to keep the stability and harmony within your self.

Mandala meaning

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle”. Mandalas represents wholeness and our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. Many mandalas have spiritual meaning to an individual or group of individuals. The Hindus were one of the first people to use mandalas as a spiritual tools, however you can also see it in Buddhist spiritual culture. They are often used for meditation purposes. From the old ages, there was a belief that animals and people have a spiritual connection, because the are a lot of similar features between each other.

On a deep, symbolic level, the space in-between represents 100% pure potential. It’s a place in time where anything can happen.  So here we have the first lesson from the lion.  As you are working, try to put yourself in a suspended state…a state of mind that is open to all ideas an opportunities. It is a cool way to produce inspired and creative work. The lion knows this for sure! Some of the lion’s best pickings for food and survival show up at twilight. The lion utilizes the best moment for its ultimate benefit. As humans, we should do the same. Before taking one step into a task or project – we must put ourselves into a ‘twilight mindset’ to prepare ourselves for optimal results.

Wisdom and impermanence

Animal mandala effigy “Lion”.
Animal mandalas are typically chosen for their symbolism. Consider these common meanings associated with animal mandalas.

Lion: According to Buddhist belief, the lion represents loyalty, protection, wisdom and pride. If you are striving to develop wisdom in your life or wish to express your loyalty and sense of protection for your family, a lion may be a good choice for you.

  • Lions are the ultimate symbol of wisdom and pride.
  • The complex patterns in the form of lion mandalas help you uncomplicate your thought process and give you a sense of wisdom and the power to take up the life’s responsibilities with pride.
  • Lion mandalas help to boost the self-confidence and make you courageous.


There are many uses for a animal mandala. The design of the mandala is visually appealing to absorb the mind. In such a way that negative thoughts could not get through your mind, because spiritual essence surrounds you observing the mandala. Which in turn allows to reach a higher consciousness or awareness. Finally, the busy mind can take a break and chill so that creative mind could run free. Everyone experiences different feelings and toughts, because it reveals differently.

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This product brings psychological, spiritual health and harmony.

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Dimensions 3 × 360 × 360 mm


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